Difficult Decisions

Women’s health has a history of being a volatile area, especially of late. It is an area of medicine that government and politicians think they can have access to the intimate and confidential patient-physician relationship. This is unacceptable and an invasion of privacy. This essay I wrote a few months ago, but seems more poignant… Continue reading Difficult Decisions

Beginnings and Endings

The other day, the last two appointments on my schedule were “unable to get pregnant, consult” and “pregnant, desires a termination.” Even my medical assistant commented about the timing of those last two patients. Although these are not unusual issues for patients to see me about, the fact I was seeing them back to back,… Continue reading Beginnings and Endings

Cold Hands

Despite living in Michigan for over 30 years, my cold hands disclose my Southern California origin. As a physician, these cold hands have touched many lives. For my pregnant patients, they usually sigh with relief as I touch their bellies, the coolness of my hands offering them respite from the inferno growing inside them. They… Continue reading Cold Hands