Bringing in the New Year

January will mark my one year anniversary of this blog! Wow! What an incredible journey so far.

It all began with the dragon, Poonam, who pushed me into participating in an online writing class last fall. I had been dabbling in writing for years, but didn’t know where to go with it. This class was a tipping point for me. I not only embraced the challenge, but found the encouragement from others in the class to fuel me onward. This changed the course of my writing from just dabbling in it to finding the need to write daily like the need to breath air. From there, another friend, Tami, encouraged me to start this blog. The idea seemed beyond my ability but, with much help from my daughter, Celeste, it was created. Whenever I became frustrated with the techy part of the website or needed the last read for spelling errors, my husband Rick was there to help. And the last crucial piece was from Ella, my sister-in-law, who came forward to offer mentoring and editing for each and every essay.

Then, the work began. My goal was for each piece I posted to be well written and stand alone. Some posts were a struggle. The idea would seem great, but the words didn’t flow. I would write, rewrite, rewrite again and again. Some would take days, some weeks, some months. Each time I struggled, I realized the same piece that was missing… my heart. If my heart wasn’t in it, the essay seemed flat. But it wasn’t always so easy to find that part of myself and I would have to put the essay to rest for a while. Then there would be some essays that literally took me minutes to write as if I was channeling some sort of writing spirit. It would be effortless and need little revision. Those, of course, were my favorite.

Over the year, I also had to find a way to grow my blog besides with only social media. I submitted many essays for publication. Mostly I received rejections or no answer at all. But I persisted, reworked my pieces and finally was successful in publishing in a couple medical narrative journals, Intima and Pulse, as well as the literary magazine, The Sun. In addition, I became a rotating guest blogger for KevinMD (a large medical social media site) and recently, was asked by Doximity (another medical social media site) to contribute to their blog posts. Lastly, I was asked to be a guest speaker on a YouTube show called Conscious Aging this coming March.

Even more heart warming, were responses from you, my readers. I enjoyed reading your comments and appreciated when you take the time to do so. It helped me know I was sailing this ship on course or perhaps, that I needed to adjust my settings. But mostly, it encouraged me to go on, to try new writing approaches and explore new topics.

And so my friends, from you I ask, if you are inspired by my writing, please share, share, share. I would like to widen my readership and any help would be appreciated. For those who already consistently share my work on Facebook, thank you and please continue. Now that I have a Facebook page devoted entirely to my blog, it may be easier to do so.

Here is to more writing, exploring, and experiencing for the Secret Life of an Ob/Gyn in 2018! For all of you, I hope you find where your heart sings in your life.


12 thoughts on “Bringing in the New Year

  1. So happy for you and all you successes with your writing. I am only one of the many that truly enjoy each and every Piece that you publish. Thank you. Keep it up. Better & Better. 🙂


  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog posts more than you’ll know! Thank you for taking the time to share with us. It’s not easy opening up your heart and you have done so beautifully! Happy New Year and I’m looking forward to reading next years posts!

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    1. Thank you for your feedback. I am actually in the process of writing a piece about menopause, but it is not quite ready for posting – stay tuned! I’m not sure how long you have been following my blog, but I did publish a piece last Feb called Old New Love, New Old Love which addresses women past menopause.


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